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Credit Cards- Do You Believe The Hype?


Received my credit card bills and noted the dates for payment. If you had worked before in the bank you will know that credit card payment and processing has their own cycle. So the banks expects and knows that a flood of customers may call after the latest bills are posted.

I have a Maybank credit card which i signed on for recently. It promised a watch after spending a certain amount. So when the time came it ran out of stocks and it promised another date. Suffice to say the date has come and gone with no action the second time. Maybe 'it' forgot. But you can be sure that they won't forget any late payment or interest fees.

When I last worked in the bank I saw my share of people who were living on the edge and maximising their credit limit to the tilt. And these people were calling in to ask for increases to the credit limit so that they can continue with the spending binge.

Coming back to the Maybank story, I wanted to speak to their call centre officer, but even request for waivers were automated and they said that if successful, this will be credited in the next card statement. What if it wasn't?

Seems to me that banks have gone overboard with the cost 'efficiency' at the expense of the customer. You can bet that they'd lose some customers because of this. At the moment, I'd just stick to them. What's your experience like with the banks regarding credit cards?

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