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Dividends- Surest Sign Of Financial Freedom


Recently, a colleague of mine was remarking that she had obtained dividends from a local telco. This was the first time that she had bought shares.

For me, it is sort of a triumph because I had talked to her about buying and selling of shares and after thinking about what was said, she acted on the advice.

With the market bringing turmoil to the market, it is imperative for investors to realise that markets goes up and also down. Her timing may not be very good as she bought just before the market went south. But with patience and the steady collection of dividends from shares, she will learn to be an investor from this experience.

I had recently collected dividends from Valuetronics and another counter. I can't remember offhand which counter- another sign that age is catching up on me. And the reason why I invest is because of the dividends gain from investment.

The reason why I can go to Australia for my studies is because my dad is an investor. I remember vividly him talking about his experiences collecting dividends from a now defunct counter- Rothmans. They are a cigarette making company which issued high dividends but our government policies made them unable to list in Singapore anymore. Funny how they punish for the sin of smoking but allow two casinos in Singapore and one is even listed.

I get a rush from looking at the dividend statement for the previous year when the CDP collates a report for all of us each year.

It doesn't matter how the market moves as long as you have your regular dividends. If it is enough, you have your financial freedom to do what you will. One day, I hope that it will happen and I can blog full time :)

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Anonymous said...
August 27, 2011 at 3:53 PM  

"It doesn't matter how the market moves as long as you have your regular dividends. If it is enough, you have your financial freedom to do what you will."
Hi, i have the same thinking and i experienced it during the 2008/2009 blood bath(extreme Bear market) i collected slightly more than 55K in dividend.
i changed my mind of this thinking, because i want to leave a legacy to my only son.
So what to do?
i chickened out and diversified some money to a "free-hold" property.
When i was much younger, i believe in almost 100% equity except for keeping a little money for emergency fund.
Nevertheless, if i can spare $$$ i will still practise this dividend-income generating stock investments.
It really works with your spare money and not otherwise.
Wish you can put into practice one day.
i know it works.
i have just experienced it in 2008/2009.
i may want to experienced it again, if i can.

mordecai said...
September 1, 2011 at 1:00 AM  

hello! I'm 28 and I've been putting off investing for ages now. I need to get started, but how? I know the absolute first step is to get a CDP account - then what?

I'm sorry I sound like a noob. but I am. help?

Lemizeraq said...
September 1, 2011 at 9:01 AM  

Hi Mordecai,

You can refer to this earlier blog post on the 5 steps to buy or sell a stock in Singapore that I had posted earlier.

Don't worry about needing help. Everyone is a noob at some stage.

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