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Buying Stocks When Market is Down- Crazy or Smart?


The past month was eventful for me. My baby boy was born at the end of last month.

Perhaps it was a good thing it happened during a market crash as I was not paying attention to the market and portfolio. I was studying the lines and features of my new born more so than the market.

So when I saw the market indices today and the prices of stocks that I have and are monitoring I just had to buy some lots.

Those were the same stocks I sold for a tidy profit just a while back after holding onto them from 2007 when the market was crashing.

Will the market drop further? Probably. But then no one can claim to know when the inflexion point will be. So I rather buy on the way up and down.

What are you doing this market correction?

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Calvin said...
October 5, 2011 at 10:53 PM  

Hi Lemizeraq,

Definitely buying, but only the defensive stocks. Not touching cyclicals yet.

Congrats on the baby boy!

By the way, I like your posts about stock investments and finance in general, very informative.

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