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Mr Tan Kin Lian Running For President of Singapore


I would like to ask blog readers to support Mr Tan Kin Lian in his bid to get elected for the post of President of Singapore.

I got to know of Mr Tan for just over a year and he has impressed me during this short time with his idealism, enthusiasm, courage to stand up for what is right and honesty.

Through the year long contact with him, I saw how he was willing to help out Singaporeans from all walks of life. From the taxi driver who got into an accident to the housewife who is proficient only in Mandarin and needed help to draft a letter to appeal to financial institutions. He did it not for any monetary benefit, only to help and ask the beneficiaries of his help to contribute to FISCA where he is the President.

He is honest when you aren’t up to mark. Scrutinizing my slides and giving valid comments to improve my presentation. During meals with him, what comes through is the fact that he is always looking out for things that can help people. He showed us how to SMS for booking which he piloted with one of the taxi companies. So if you have ever booked a cab using SMS, he is one of those people who made it happen.

Also I witness first hand him questioning and listening to an engineer by training on Mr Tan’s idea to have a sound system at all bus stops to announce which buses are coming along as this will help old folks. The idea has yet to take off, but don’t be surprised if it does when he becomes President. Some may call the idea hare brained, but I prefer someone is trying to help and improve than one who is constantly throwing stones instead.

Last month, he was contemplating if he should withdraw and not run for president. He took a straw vote around the table to listen to the opinions of everyone. I gave my piece on why he should still run while some gave their honest opinion that he should withdraw after all the flak about how the president has limited powers and no role in policy making.

If the same Mr Tan that I saw for the past year runs for President, I am very sure that at the end of his presidency term, Singapore will be a better place because we will have someone at the highest level who is listening, constantly exploring on how to make things better and questioning, scrutinizing items and looking after things critically with the ordinary Singaporean in mind.

I support Mr Tan’s bid for Presidency and would like to humbly ask all blog readers to support him and spread the message to your family and friends. Please go to Mr Tan’s blog for more information on his ideas and learn more about the man he is.

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