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Apps For Financial Freedom


My wife got herself an iphone 4 and pass me her old iphone 3 recently. So have been exploring the different functions of the new phone.

The key thing is that with the iphone it really allows you to carry the internet with you in a pocket. Something that the rest of the iphone imitators have been quick to ape and mimic.

So what is the another thing that makes the experience useful?

I will say that it is the apps that you can download from the many makers of the apps. So it has been a good experience downloading and trying out the various finance related apps.

These are whaf i have downloaded and found useful:

1. Bloomberg. This app allows you to read snippets of the financial news happening around the world. Also gives you updates on the various indices and stock prices.

2. Piggie. A useful app that allows you to key in what you spend to keep track of your expenses and income. Great for budgeting.

3. POEMS. I use the POEMS site to buy and sell shares and ETFs so I downloaded their app to check out its features. Haven't use it as yet to buy or sell anything, but it looks easy to use and intuitive enough.

4. OCBC. The banks are into apps in a big way and one of the world's safest bank is also into it. Went in to check out what they offered and see the bank account. Not like it is rolling in with interest but banks are into mobile platforms and embracing technology.

That were some of the more useful apps which are free. I have checked other apps but some like the Economist takes ages to load.

What about you? Found any interesting apps to share?

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John YS said...
July 9, 2011 at 1:30 PM  

besides, OCBC, DBS have an app for ibanking, correct me if i'm wrong. I do read news as well, other than Bloomberg, there are a few others as well.

You can explore mortgage calculator to find out whether you can refinance your existing property as well.

Dropbox or sugarsync is cool to allow you to put your desktop files and share across all your mobile devies.


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