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The Heroine Of the S$6 Million Legacy Is Not Just the Maid


It is her employer too.

One of the hot news in Singapore besides the flooding is that a Filipina maid has inherited S$6 million from her late employer after 20 years of devoted service.

The news wire are all focused on her getting the $6 million windfall. How simple she is, how humble she still is. And also how her life has changed as she may face possible threats to her life back in Philippines as wealthy people have been kidnapped and even killed.

I would have liked some news about how the medical doctor amassed and accumulated $6 million in her life. Was she good at what she did? Or did she accumulate it through a frugal lifestyle. What was she like as a person? If anything, it will be interesting to find out how Dr Quek gained financial freedom.

For the maid, she came to a foreign country at the young age of 27 years old and took care of the mother of the late Dr Quek Kai Miew.

Journalists in a story sometimes focus too much on one side and not the other.

As a subtext to this story, the free paper, Mypaper showed another side to the life of a maid. A photo was posted of a maid who had to tied her employer’s shoelaces in a public shopping area while she was talking to another person.

I’d bet that the second maid will not receive $6 million after 20 years of tying shoelaces of her unreasonable employer. Not that her employer has $6 million to give away anyway.

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1. Filipina maid inherits millions from employer

2. Woman who had maid tie her shoelaces was capable of doing it herself

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