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9 Ways of Achieving Financial Freedom


icecreamman Financial freedom is to have enough so that you don’t have to worry about earning another penny for the rest of your life. Then you retire.

But is it really a good aim?

What if you still want to work and is willing to do any task to keep yourself engage. Wouldn’t financial freedom not be needed then?

An ex-colleague, who can retire safely on his pension which he had banked in, took up a taxi license and is driving a cab on a part time basis. That’s on top of his part time job helping out in school.

He could have stopped working. He has already attained financial freedom. But he chose not to stop. I wonder how I will do when I reach retirement age. Will I have the drive to continue like my ex-colleague?

What about you? Would you continue to work or will you want a complete stop and enjoy what is left of your life?


So how can you achieve the elusive Financial Freedom?

1. Find a job that you love. So you never have to retire.

2. Strike lottery or hit a jackpot.

3. Have a Daddy Megabucks or Mummy Millionaire, or some rich long lost relative who don’t have anyone else to pass their bucks to.

4. Marry into it / Divorce out to it- if you didn’t sign a pre-nuptial agreement.

5. Resort to crime and rob it- like those financial honchos at Lehman Bros, Bear Stearns etc who accumulated millions and sent everyone associated with their company to the poorhouse.

6. Work in a company who grant you stocks options and it turns out to be an Apple company or a search engine called Google.

7. Scrimp and save like hell and be the most miserly person that ever existed.

8. If you can become one of the best investors around like George Soros, Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, or the 32 year old Michael Burry. (Read about this guy if you haven’t on Vanity’s Fair: Betting on the Blind Side- a very long but superb read)

9. Plan ahead, save without stressing yourself out and investing with both eyes opened- it will take years and the earlier you start the better.


I am aiming for number 1 and 9. What’s your plan?

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Createwealth8888 said...
March 31, 2010 at 10:38 PM  

I do No 9 only

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