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What is Your Dream?

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ladycontestant who won $200,000 photofromhttp://showbiz.omy.sg/Showbiz/E-News/Story/OMYStory200910141507-97995.html As we go through life, some of us tend to lose sight of what want from this short life we have.

We are caught up with the different myriad ways to occupy the time in our life and eventually be saddled with the concept of being 'busy'. Busy with work, busy playing Facebook Bejewelled Blitz :)

Have you lost sight of the dreams you had when you were young? Did you attain that dream of yours?

As we go through the grindstone of life, our ambitions and dreams become mired in reality and chained by the responsibilities and obligations you will eventually have.

This will be mirrored by the reflection of yourself and realising your limits and abilities through the passage of time as you encounter obstacles, fall down and  then move on. It is also affected by others' perception of you.

Sad isn't it?

Yesterday, a young lady had a chance to win $500,000 and gain $300,000 on top of the $200,000 she had already won. But with that chance came the possibility of losing $190,000 from the $200,000 she has already won if she didn't get the lyrics of the last song right.

Greed and fear are at work here.

Life is full of such choices that you take in your path.

As an investor and saver you have to grapple with these two emotions constantly.

Does your fear of losing some money always overcome your appetite for risk? Or does your greed and desperation of getting more money make you take up risky ways to invest, or rather speculate, like doing contra trades?

Do you put your entire fortune all in savings account in the fear that those financial mongrels will eat it all up but time and inflation will eat them away anyway?

Do you punt 100,000 lot on penny stocks betting it will go up one day, and down the other and try to make a living as a day trader?

Or would you try the Nirvana way, the middle path, and straddle the path of taking in some risk while abhorring speculative punting at the same time?

In case you didn't watch that programme (link is in Chinese about the lady who won the $200,000). Fear won.

I wonder what would have happened if she could keep $100,000 instead of $10,000 if she'd lost. Would greed have won over fear?

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