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Investment Curator List for Week of 26 Oct 2009

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runforestrun These are articles that I found useful and interesting to read the past week:

1. This article from Steadfast Finances talks about how Some Tech Bubble Stocks Finally Breaking Even after a 10 Year Wait. Inside it are charts of companies such as JDS Uniphase, Amazon, IBM, Cisco and Apple. Steadfast Finances is one of the blogs that I read using RSS feeds from Google Reader.

2. SGX Yield Stocks is a blog that I stumbled upon today from a blogger’s blogroll. The blog posts articles from securities firms research articles like this one talking about M1 from CIMB. It keeps a list of stocks that the blogger monitors. So if you do have one of those stocks, it can be part of your reading materials too.

3. The Digerati Life is another blogger whose posts I read. Her guest blogger posts about Leveraged ETF Investing: More Risk With More Rewards. It is a pretty succinct  summation of how one can use leverage with ETFs to make a bit of money. Even though it is not for me :) Think I’d pass.

4. Bad Money Advice is one blog that I make a point of checking out his ALL of his post. They are illuminating and points out fallacies about investments and financial advice that are being dispensed. This article, Conventional Wisdom: The Emergency Fund list out the types of advice regarding the subject of the ‘'3 months expenses as emergency fund’ as being lacking as it may not be for all people. I am guilty of such advice too. So reading his blog makes me honest.

5. As a counterweight to all these heavy financial type articles, I read the blog English Muse on Google Reader too and the photos and pictures here will very often take your breath away or make your day :) Take a look here at Beauty, Illustrated to see what I mean,

Recently, I found an article that is very similar to one of those that I posted earlier and whose author did not attribute it back to me in any way.

If you use other people’s articles blatantly the least you can do is to attribute it back. So I am not likely to post any of that blogger’s articles here as his blog articles could be taken verbatim from another person’s hard work.

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Musicwhiz said...
October 27, 2009 at 9:07 AM  

Hi Lemizeraq,

Thanks for the articles. Very useful indeed. :)


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