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Costco- A Company I Admire


costcoprice2005-2009 The other day, I was looking through the list of US News and World Report report on 20 America’s Best Leaders. Ironically, President Obama wasn’t in the list, even though he won the Noble Prize for Peace.

While looking through the list, I saw a few names I didn’t recognize as far away from USA in Singapore, I don’t hear much about some of those people. One of those guys is Jim Sinegal, the CEO of Costco. Here is the article from the same report about Jim Sinegal: Costco CEO Focuses on Employees.

I was still thinking about leaders who put their company’s employee first. Not themselves. Doing more research around, I managed to dig out more articles about Jim Sinegal and his management ethos which more companies will do well to emulate.

Here are some of the articles about Costco:

5 Business lessons from Costco from 37signals.com gives a pretty good summary of the salient points of the Costco management philosophy.

I like the part about the articles say that the management takes such good care of their employee that it is at the detriment of the stockholders and other competitors who becomes annoyed at them for paying their employees well and not laying them off so far during this recession.

Articles like this: Analyst to Costco: Stop treating your employees so well

I am taking a closer look at Costco to see if there are any investment opportunities and if their finances check out. You can check out the full graph and same financial data about Costco from Financial Times where the graph was taken from.


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