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Frugality- Something to Laugh About


sleepingathebotanicalparkwithcamera I read this article on MS Money recently about being Frugal and tight- Where's the line? and it made me smile :)

It talks about the difference between being frugal and being stingy/cheapskate/ just plain cheap.

How so?



  Frugal Stingy/ Miser/ Cheapskate/ Tightwad
Premium Coffee Buy the milk and coffee and brew it DIY Drink other people's coffee/ Expect others to pay for it
Transportation Get second hand car/ take public transport Get a lift from colleagues everyday without paying for even a drink
Oil Change for Car Buy oil and DIY Delay, Beg the mechanic for a free servicing, or not do it at all
Eating Buy food and eat at home Expect to others to pay for meals every time, eat off the promotional booths at supermarkets
Perfume Buy no brand/ at warehouse sale Use free tester at department stores
Expenses at work Buy cheapest laptop/ Fly budget airlines/ Ask subordinates to eat at coffee shop and ask for receipt to claim as expenses/ Fly Singapore Airlines and ask subordinate to take a bus to KL
Toilet Paper Buy no brand Never at own home
Bathing Use shower/ pail to bathe Go to the common toilet at Condo pool to bathe/ Or don't bother to bathe
Presents Buy the cheapest you can find Use last year's other cheapskate present to you / credit card rewards or free gift that you don't want

There's actually more, but I won't overdo it. To be fair, the cheapskate stuff are things that really happened to me / people I know or I have read about from somewhere.

My wife and I just bought the game Wii resort and spent some money buying clothes over the weekend, so reading the article made me feel less guilty. An interesting ancedote about Warren Buffett's jet, the Indefensible, for anyone else who recently spent a lot.

On a more somber mood, another interesting story I read just now about a taxi driver who has a PhD from Stanford University and his passenger from Myanmar. Please read it. I think I will subscribe to his feed. Hope that one day I can take his taxi and have a conversation with him.

Meanwhile, I'm working on an excel spreadsheet that you can use to calculate your yield from all those insurance premiums that you paid to see how much they are returning. Should be done by Wednesday.

Have a good week ahead.

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