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'Joe the Plumber'- Changing Your Leaking Taps


This week, I doubled up as a plumber. So I was "Joe the Plumber" for a while. My tap was leaking droplets and it was enough to fill up a pail after about 8 hours away from home.

Unlike my parents place, there isn't a central pipe where I could close off the water mains to stop the flow of water to my home. And I didn't think to put one central switch to control the flow inside my own home.

I decided to get a tap and the white rubber tape that is used to tighten the connections between the pipe and taps at the local hardware store. Total cost: $22.50.

Once home, I used brute strength to take out the old tap by turning the entire contraption counterclockwise.

And I got hit by a huge flow of water once the old tap was taken out. So there I was wet and cold, struggling to put the new tap back to stem the flow of water.

After a while, I succeeded and gained a lot more respect for the plumbers out there.

From the Singapore Plumbing Society, the total fix for my problems would be $75 including transport, so I saved about $50. Not too shabby for about 10 minutes work :)

Surfing around looking at the plumbing issues Singaporeans are faced with, I saw some posts about bad plumbers and astronomical costs that they charged. This, like all things and services that are sold to public, needs to be checked so that you know what you are getting to.

Especially financial services which potentially involves huge sums of money. Caveat Emptor!

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