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The Bears are Out- Bargain Hunting Time


It is bear market time. It is also time to start taking a look at what you can possibly buy on the cheap in the market. (It's also called Value Investing or Contrarian Investing- buy when everyone's selling)

Before you buy anything, here are some websites that you may want to take a look first before buying the stock that you want:

1. Bloomberg.com- shows how the market is doing at the moment, if it is going down, stocks will be cheaper. So this is where you can start.

2. The Economist - this is another website I check regularly before thinking about investing. They have lots of interesting articles and the people there write very well.

3. The Federal Reserve- this site needs no introduction, just read what the top guy here says and if you can decipher what he wants to do next, you can do pretty well in the market.

4. Yahoo Market Indices- I like to take a look and see how the overall markets are doing before plunging in to buy any shares or cross border unit trusts / mutual funds.

5. Reuters- This site has good summaries of the breaking news from all over the world since they are one of the premium news agencies.

6. Google Search- Next is a online google search of the company that I am interested in. You will never know what comes out. Hopefully it is the official website of the company that comes up and they have some investor webpage that has the annual reports or a summary of the financial performance of the company.

7. Your local online brokerage- This is when I nearly take the plunge, I will go online and place an order to buy shares or mutual funds.

This cross checking is more of a checking than a selection of stock. This is to make sure that you don't end up with egg on your face and buying into a company that is say, facing a probe by officials into irregularities in the company's finances.

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