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Sunday Lame Humour


One there was a mental patient who was admitted to the mental hospital. When he was entered, he was as mad as a hatter and was very violent towards the staff there.

After a period of stay in the mental hospital, he was observed by a patrolling doctor as being very calm and collected. The doctor muttered to himself that the mental hospital is a good thing for all these mental patients and helped to calm them down and hopefully also to recover. Being in a mood to talk and converse with the patient, he went over and saw that the man was thinking deeply and staring away.

So, the doctor asked the patient what he was thinking about.

"Oh, I am thinking of a book that I have just read." the patient replied.

"That's good and what is that story about?"

"Well, the book is a bit complicated with many characters and I don't remember half of them." the patient whispered sheepishly.

"That is interesting, what book are you reading? The Story of the Red Mansions or the story about the 101 heroes of the marsh?"

"Yes, it's really good. You should take a look" and hand the book- yellow pages to the doctor.

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