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Weird Ballot Day at Developer Office


My wife and me went to ballot for a returned unit at a developer’s office today. I took leave and my wife asked her boss to be excused one and a half hour earlier which she will have to pay back the hours.

I had to stay back in office however because a scheduled meeting for a project was to take place. The meeting ran late to nearly two hours and I had to excuse myself and tell the chairperson I needed to run off.

As I was running late, I took a taxi instead of a bus. I met my wife at the MRT station and reached the developer’s office with half an hour to spare before ballot. Our agent arrived before time too and we stepped into the office 15 minutes before ballot time at 5pm.

At this point in time, we thought that we were the only party to the ballot as there was no one.

However, the developer representative there said that there was another party who is on the way. So we waited as we were early.

At 5.10pm or so, the other party arrived. Sort of anyway, as only the agent turned up.

So after waiting for 5 more minutes, the developer representative finally said to start the ballot.

I think you know what happened here. The other party got the ticket and get to buy the returned condo unit.

As we were leaving the conference room where the ballot took place, we heard the agent saying that she did not have the cheque as the client is on the way. Maybe the client was snorkeling at Timbuktu and on his way.

What peeved my wife and me was that they were late by 15 minutes, and they didn’t even have the cheque ready, so doesn’t that disqualify them?

Also, my agent was very professional and stated that if either my wife or myself is not there, we have to sign a proxy form to authorise the other party to sign on the absent party’s behalf.

So being well prepared for all eventualities, I had printed two copies of the proxy form and got my wife to endorse both forms and we kept a copy each authorising the other party to act on the other’s behalf in case for whatever reason we could not make it to the ballot in time.

But we weren’t prepared for what happened today at the developer’s office. I guess it was not meant to be. Our opinion of the developer went down quite a bit after this strange ballot.  

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