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10 Reasons Investing is like playing Candy Crush

1. The rush from clearing each level is like when your investment amount increases after some time.

2. You need some logic to do both well.

3. As well as some luck.

4. You need some willpower to finish both as evident by the amount of friends that have given up along the way for Candy Crush and the people that quit investment after losing lots of money. ( I’d probably quit playing Candy Crush after a while too, hopefully this is not my own famous last words that I’ve to end up eating them. Most online games are not sustainable and dies off after a while, at least for all those I’ve played so far.)

5. You have some levels you do well and end up in the top 3 while some levels, you are scraping at the bottom to just clear the level. In investing, it is the same, you win some, others you just lose. You hope that investing, you win a lot more than those you lose.

6. At some levels, you just want to give up. Some investment do that to you too, especially if they have been continuously in the red.

7. If you are serious about both, you need to consider what happens when you execute your next step.Uhm, it’s hard to be serious about Candy Crush though. Seriously.

8. Always have reserves. Savings for investment and more lives for Candy Crush by sending it to friends playing it actively without them asking preferably.

9. You are always looking over the shoulders at who’s doing it better.

10. You need time to do it well.

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