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Where's Your Bonus Going?


At the year’s end, many people in Singapore are going to get their year’s end bonus. For me, as I am at a new company I don’t get mine till I am confirmed early next year.

I ran the POEMS stock screener to filter out the stocks to those that I am interested in. My initial screens are for stocks with high dividends of 3% and above, market capitalisation of at least $350 million and return on equity of at least 8%.

From the page of results that is returned, I sorted out the stocks according to dividend from the highest and look at each stock in turn.

I got my accountant wife to help look through the stocks and check for any red flags that make these companies not suitable. For example, their cash position, debt ratios, history of earnings, dividend payout over the years etc. We looked at companies that we’d be comfortable with and decided to get in the queue to buy two companies separately.

I’m queuing to buy SATS and my wife is queuing to buy Elec and Elek.

Instead of spending your hard earned bonus on that LV bag or latest 3D LED television, we prefer to invest and put our money away as investments. One day, when there is enough investments running, part of the dividends or profit taking can be used for these types of luxuries.

At the moment, my wife is satisfied with her Kate Spade bags (I hope) and me with my 6 years old dinosaur CRT TV in the living room :)

To the readers of this blog, Merry Christmas and may you have a profitable and entertaining year in 2011.

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la papillion said...
December 24, 2010 at 10:40 PM  


Katespade bag is good :) It's very nice compared to other 'brandier' stuff. I always like the designs :)

My wife is a avid owner of several bags, but all is bought from ebay and are preowned. She even buys cheap and trades them by selling them off, though she no longer does that :) Talk about habits that can make money! haha

Have a happy xmas :)

Lemizeraq said...
December 27, 2010 at 11:26 PM  

Hi La Papillion,

Yep, the Kate Spade bags are nicer than the expensive overused monogram of LV :)

Well I think almost all women have loads of bags.



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