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Frugal, Cheapskate Or Just Plain Wrong?


Read on Yahoo news about “Food Blogger Who Demands Free Meal Sparks Outrage Online.”

I’ve blogged about the need for more frugal living so that one can keep expenses down and save more. But there is a difference between being cheapskate and just a plain ****.

To be a blogger whose views are being read by many, there has to be a basic sense of ethics. If you are paid for doing a review, I believe it is only honest to state plainly that this is a sponsored or paid review.

Else be like what the other bloggers who were outraged at the antics the blogger, Brad Lau. Those bloggers paid in full and even shunned the limelight. This will likely make them experience what an ordinary member of public will be eating in the restaurant. Unlike the outrageous blogger who called one day in advance and even brought 3 other ‘friends’ for his free lunch. Like they are some big shots. In the end the restaurant waived off half the bill, but being Mr Brad Lau ungraciously threw his credit card at the counter before storming out.

If I was the owner, I will ask him to pay in full or I call the police. Famous blogger or not.

Anyway, his blog is closed now. Maybe forever.

So if you have to be frugal, being that does not mean taking advantage of others’ goodwill or imposing on the generosity of others.

May you have a frugal and gracious week ahead.

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Createwealth8888 said...
August 24, 2010 at 9:54 PM  

Fully agreed with your view:

"If you are paid for doing a review, I believe it is only honest to state plainly that this is a sponsored or paid review."

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