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What Gives You Pleasure When Investing?


danceperformance Squared off part of my Informatics stock after a long holding period from before 2007 till now.

It didn’t issue dividends from then till now as they were hemorrhaging money and downscaling operations.

Last year and this year they turned a profit and it seems that the billionaire former stockbroker, Peter Lim is interested in the company and accumulating their stock.

The rest, I will keep as it is my identified turnaround stock in my portfolio.

Through the selloff of part of my position, I get to rebalance it by identifying an ETF or REIT to buy and hold.

Appreciation of Capital

For most investors, the pleasure you get from investing, besides pressure, is when stocks appreciate enough for you to square off.

Dividend Income

Me, it’s when at the start of a new year, the CDP send you a bulky envelop listing your dividends for the past year. I smile for the rest of the week. This is the one thing I like best.

Finding Undervalued, Unappreciated Companies

If you analyse the financial statements and find companies selling below book value, low PE ratios compared to their peer and find nothing wrong with the company, I’d submit a buy order if I have the money. There were many such companies during the last meltdown.

Learning From Investment Legends

Another thing I like is to read about real life investors whose simple ways and methods have brought them financial freedom. I don’t have to sign up for hundred dollar or even thousand dollar courses on forex methods which is ‘guaranteed.’

I get them free from borrowing a book from the library.

And I don’t do forex. It’s too complicated for someone like me. You mean you know the US$ is going down? You sure? If I ask President Obama, Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke, are they ALL going to tell me it’s going down? They can’t even agree where the economy is going.

So what gives you the greatest pleasure when you are investing?

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