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Two Articles About Politician’s Pay


fullerton Found two articles about how much politicians are paid in the world. They are rather dated, one is published on, of all days, April Fool day in 2009- The 10 Highest Paid Politicians in the World.

The second is a good counterpoint or comparison with the first article erroneous  premise that they are from 10 different countries. In fact, all of the 10 including the next 20 all live in the politicians’ paradise of Singapore. Check out the article- The Top 30 Highest Paid Politicians in the World.

It is a paradise for fat cats because income taxes here are among the lowest in the world (should be the second lowest after Hong Kong). And where even if you lose the top terrorist who limps out of jail, and swims across a channel when you have police and army personnel crawling around. you can keep your job while threatening the public with jail if they are caught with harboring the terrorist. The underlings who guarded the terrorist loses their jobs and later it was found that the bars of the toilet window were not reinforced.

Maybe they should have used the millions to make the so call high security prison more secure?

It illustrates the power of a monopoly even in politics to set prices and pay high salaries to those in power.

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Anonymous said...
November 15, 2009 at 2:45 PM  

I think your blog for politician's salary is pretty one-sided, and myopic...nevertheless it's your opinion. Look at it...at least corruption is minimized in Singapore, and you get a relatively clean and effective government to run the country...

Lemizeraq said...
November 16, 2009 at 10:55 PM  

Yes, and you're welcome to your opinion.

If corruption can only be minimised with such high pay, then it is a slap to all the honest leaders in other countries who are paid a lot less (like 5 times less) than our dear leaders who lost a terrorist and billions of our hard earned reserves.

If that is the rationale to pay our leaders high pay, why not pay robbers not to rob?

With the highest pay, the people expect the highest performance and ability but that is sadly lacking in a leadership which pins the recession on the worldwide crisis but was quick to pat itself on the back with the recovery in sight.

If the recession was not the government's fault, why claim credit when the world is recovering?

Thanks for visiting :)

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