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Using Google Alert to Monitor Your Shares


googlealert A cool tool to help you monitor your stocks and shares is to use Google Alert to send you the detailed news about what is happening to the company that you have bought.

As long as you have a Google account, you can create it easily and receive a neat summary of what has been happening to your company and news regarding it.

For example, I created an alert for OCBC bank and the alert email list the recent purchase of ING private banking assets in Asia. It flags for you news that you may have missed and best of all you  can store all these emails and look at them later to see if there are any information that could affect you decision to keep your investment or add to it.

I use it originally to be informed about what competitors were doing, whether they are hiring or what other people are writing about them in blogs etc.

Now it means that I have a neat summary of what has been happening to the companies that I have an interest in. You really should try it :)

Instead of watching the stock prices, monitoring and reading  companies’ news is something every investor should do.

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