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5 Reasons Why I like OCBC.

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ocbc building by tuis at http://www.flickr.com/photos/tuis_imaging/ 1. Quite a few of its branches are opened after till 7pm on weekdays, some even on Sundays too. So you can do your banking after work or during weekends. Like draw fresh crisp money for packing your red packets. Or buy a bank draft.

2. Its ATMs are not lined up like those you see outside a popular condo launch, or a certain you know which bank. If you are desperate and cannot find one, you can use the UOB ATMs too.

3. The advertisement by the bank will strike a chord with you, the one about the guy remitting money back to his aged mother. This one is pretty good too, about making mistakes in life.

4. I've been using OCBC for 15 years so far, it has also been the first bank and only financial institution that I've tried dollar cost averaging with.

5. Its subsidiary, Great Eastern is the first financial institution that offers full refund to ALL its investors in the structured deposit, minibonds, high notes etc debacle. As this post by Tan Kin Lian shows: Tan Kin Lian's Blog: Great Eastern Life shows the way.

Which banks do you like to use?

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