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List of Singapore Brokerages


image by crazyegg95 at http://www.flickr.com/photos/crazyegg95/9557582/Two weeks back, when the market was busy with lots of orders, it became hard to login or get orders executed.

If you are a trader of stocks and shares, it can be frustrating to see your orders not being done when you submit an order to buy at the prevailing selling price. Thus it can be important to have at least another brokerage account in case there are problems with the normal online brokerage that you use.

Here is a list of brokerages that you can go to open an online stock trading account to buy/sell shares in Singapore or other other countries (it'd depend on which company you sign on with)

In no order of preference:
  1. DMG Online
  2. UOB Kay Hian
  3. KE Live (Kim Eng Securities)
  4. Lim & Tan
  5. iOCBC Securities
  6. POEMS (Phillip Securities)
  7. E-Trade
  8. AMFraser (Fraser Securities)
  9. CIMB Invest (CIMB-GK)
Personally, I would open at least 2 from the list and use one as a back up in case the market volume is large, another account could help you if you have problems getting through. I have one from Poems and CIMB and they allow trading in other countries also like Hong Kong, US (AMEX, Nasdaq, NYSE), Britain, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand etc.

However, remember to cancel your trades else both your buys in both accounts could be executed or worse, both sell orders are done and you have to buy back or else be faced with a forced buy in. I have seen clients who executed multiple buy or sell order when they have not cancelled their previous trades in my first job in a brokerage.

Which of the brokerage(s) do you use from the above list?

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