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Interesting Articles from Financial Times

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image girl with face mask by Eneas at http://www.flickr.com/photos/eneas/3471986083/Read some interesting articles from Financial Times:

1. Is high IQ a burden as much as a blessing? This talks about the lives of people with high IQ including one lady who scored full marks for IQ, the highest score possible of 228. In the article it talks about the 'Monty Hall dilemma' and how this person, Marilyn vos Savant managed to solve the problem. See if you can figure it out.

2. An older article, The shaming of John Thain , paints the life of the last CEO of Merrill Lynch and the slanging match between Bank of America's Ken Lewis and him about who was responsible for the bonuses. After reading the article, you'd find out more about one of the key figures in this financial crisis.

3. A sign that private investors are coming back to the market during the rally of the past few weeks, this article- Private investors dip toes back into the market, indicates that private money are coming back to the equity markets, albeit in a staggered way. Like a drunk maybe?

4. An interesting technology relate news about the new web browser that Google has released last year and more people are adopting. Chrome. Read about one of the key programmers behind the browser, a guy named- Lars Bak. The article, The genius behind Google's web browser , shows you the life of an extraordinary programmer who managed to craft out a virtual machine that is processes Javascript 56 times faster than the most used version of Internet Explorer. Time to buy Google?

Moving to other news articles, this Wall Street Journal piece talks about falling tourism counters and rising pharmaceuticals, which was the subject of my blog post yesterday.

Paul Krugman made me angry reading this post about the incredible greed in the financial firms that was just bailed out by the government in this article titled, "Money for Nothing". In it he laments the fact that Ben Bernake defends the money paid to these money grubbers as compensation for their 'financial innovations' which includes, get this, credit cards, overdraft and sub prime mortgages. Hellooo.... any body home upstairs?

We ought to install Marilyn Savant as one of the CEOs of the banks bought with public money and ask her to solve the "Wall Street dilemma". At least her solution will be logical and we can send all those CEO/swines to Mexico to get some of the flu that will cure them of their greed for money. Nothing like a bout of illness to realise what is more important.

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