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With the Benefit of Hindsight, Things Become Clearer

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Photo from http://www.flickr.com/photos/marcelgermain/2120931169/ by marcelgermainI type this post as it is raining outside. I thought it apt that I should have this beautiful photo by marcelgermain from flikr.com.

Just like the umbrella in the rain, we need protection from the crisis that is hitting us worldwide, whether you are in the United States or Singapore or any other part of the world, we are feeling the effects of this financial perfect storm.

Today's blog post draws inspiration from Problogger's posts which can help any blogger be better at what we do.

The following 7 webpages were the best of what I read throughout this week that either illuminates what is happening, or can help tide you over this crisis.

7. From Milliondollarjourney, comes 25 Ways I save money. You get some quick tips on what you can do to save some money.

6. 'I found out what money worries really mean' features Tessa Dunlop finding out more about her stoic Romanian mother-in-law which puts this crisis into perspective. She writes, " I understand why for years she never smiled. What did she have to smile about?"

5. Professor Tommy Koh is always a good read and he proves it again with this article, "What I learnt from the two crises" Strategic perspective from a deep thinker.

4. While the reality show Survivor has grown stale, we have our own "Your Survival Guide" which is reproduce here as "How to save money". It list 18 ways you can save more money, including, "Use a Thimble." I gotta get me one of these.

3. An obscure author writes about the "Calm before the storm?" in July 2007 in response to Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew's infamous- Singapore is entering a Golden Age remarks. Now that all hell has broken loose, maybe they should head hunt the guy (the author not LKY) to be a stock analyst, resident economist or market guru.

2. More good news from your friendly seer. Now "MM Lee warns Singapore's GDP could shrink by 8% this year". Now that we know how good his predictions are from number 3, maybe we should go ask Aaron Ng as he seems to have the crystal ball instead.

1. I loved this article. "I don't care about the Joneses' " is quirky, witty, educational and features a remarkable woman with her 6 pounds kettle.

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