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5 Posts about Finance- A Round UP


These are the 5 posts that I read that made me think, laugh or amused me about finance and investment.

5. Wall Street's Journal- Obstacles for Young Investors talks about a mother's journey to educate her daughter about investing, one year ago in 2008. Oops! Educational, talks about need to invest and the constant search for low cost in investing. We often find that we spend hours watching TV but less than a few minutes (or less for some people) thinking about how we are going to invest that $1000.

4. This is a site- $5 Dinners that makes me go hungry. But it is educational and it shows you how you can make a great meal for $5. Check it out.

3. The mother lode of personal finance site. Wisebread has a list of top 100 Personal Finance blogs that you should bookmark and go to regularly to check for ideas and read what other people are reading about investing your money. Don't leave it to the banks to do it for you. They have done a great job haven't they?

2. Vikram Pandit awarded $10.8 million for leading Citibank from $52 to $1.98 the last I checked. And I thought the fellow was humble and took only a $1 salary. Don't remember where I read the last part from. What did he do to deserve that amount? Didn't they fail to take over Wachovia Bank and let Wells Fargo take over the bank at the very last moment?

This is matched by the huge resentment people are feeling over the bonuses given to those very 'smart' people in AIG who lost BILLIONS in CDOs in the sub prime market. Rationale being "We cannot attract and retain the best and brightest talent to lead and staff the AIG businesses".

What about letting these so smart people who lost billions forgo their bonuses and if they are not happy let them go take a walk and join the ranks of the unemployed. Take the $165 million to invest in schools or help the 8.1% unemployed who are finding jobs.

1. What does 1 Trillion dollars look like? Made my day when I saw this page.

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