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Singapore's PM takes a 19% Pay Cut


According to this old piece of news, the Prime Minister in Singapore has taken a pay cut of 19% during this depressing time.

Just for fun, this excel sheet puts in little bite sized terms what the multi-million salary means by breaking it down. Did you know that assuming if he sleeps 5 hours a day, he makes over $2000 in his dreams? That is some powerful stuff right? Oh, I am statistically wrong, it should be $1700 after the pay cut. For that type of salary, maybe he isn't sleeping much at all and worries over Singapore future 24 hours a day, kind of like a 7-11, always awake.

Anyway to put that in perspective, the Health Secretary nominee that President Obama is trying to put in his cabinet has withdrawn because he failed to pay his back taxes.

The admission by President Obama that he messed up is refreshing.

Some politicians would have dodged the apology by getting subordinates to apologise, sack some subordinates or demote them, refuse to acknowledge any wrong doing, keep quiet and act blur, give a general statement but not admit any guilt of their own.... in other words , slime away. The candor shown by the President in this case shows that this guy GETS it.

Compare President Obama's apology to this "apology" which happened in Singapore almost one year back. "I screwed up" vs "I am sorry this happened".

Which apology will you have preferred to hear?

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