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Fine Singapore- $200 for Sleeping in the Park


It is getting ridiculous in Singapore. I have just read an article about a guy getting fined $200 because- get this- he slept on the bench in a park.

After reading the news on this (Newpaper article on 'Fine is outrageous, harsh, ridiculous') , my wife told me that it is on the newspaper in Taiwan too. This morning I read another article saying that Singapore was placed as the 17th best place to live in and that it was only 17th placed because of some 'tolerance issues'. I guess if the news was out before they did their ranking, Singapore will be placed after North Korea and Myanmar. At least the people there can sleep in the park without getting fined.

Talking about sleeping, watch this youtube video to see all the big shots sleeping on on their way to zombie land during the so called most important speech every year in Singapore when the PM addresses the country live and watched by his colleagues and peers in the cabinet and parliament.

Maybe the NP officer should be in the audience to mete out fines to all those multi millionaire ministers who sleep when the Prime Minister is talking to them. Come to think of it, it should be increased to $20,000 as $200 is peanuts to them.

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