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10 Types of Investors- Which are You?

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10. Investophobic- There is actually no such term in the English dictionary. However, this type of 'investor' swears off investing and much rather put money under the bed. Going to the bank to put money in savings account is a climb Mount Everest achievement for them.

9. 'This is not a good time' investor- This type of investor will tell you that they want the S&P to fall below 1000 before buying anything and when it does, they will tell you probably going to fall some more and the target is now 800. If they finally buy something, Great Depression has just happened or the atom bomb has exploded on the stock market.

8. The Flash Investor- I buy one stock today, I sell the stock three days later, I buy another stock and I sell it two days later, I buy yet another.... and it goes on and on. Buying a stock is like looking for the latest fashion. 'You know, I bought stocks of Microsoft, Yahoo, Google etc...' is their opening line to anyone listening.

7. The iInvestor- I am sexy! I was the first to buy on phone when those brick phones were introduced. Then I was the first to buy using sms, and also the number one for using Internet to trade, and the blackberry. Tech is my middle name and first is what I do. Oh, what did I buy yesterday?

6. The 7-11 Investor- When you call him at 10 a.m. he has the prices of the all firms and index of NASDAQ at his fingertips, at 7 p.m, FTSE index and all the firms there, at 1a.m. Japan, at 2 a.m. Shanghai and so on. You wonder if he is a human being or a robotic manifestation. He doesn't need food as his permanent drip is filled with prices of everything that can be sold. Most likely to be a megalomaniac if investing doesn't working out. Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

5. The Follower Investor- He listens to news, watches financial programs and invest according to these 'experts' advice on what to buy or sell. To the investor, the stock analyst or researcher is the Holy Grail and God all rolled into one and infallible. He ask all the relatives, stranger on the streets about the performance of stocks.

4. Not-my-fault Investor- Any drop in share or stock prices can be attributed to anyone but myself. Oil prices are up, the economic and finance minister doesn't know what they are doing. 'It is a conspiracy to defraud me and take away my hard earned money' is the refrain of this investor. His favorite movie is of course Mel Gibson's Conspiracy Theory.

3. The GUI-Investor- This investor relys a lot on graphics, nothing is bought without analysing breakout, level of resistance, MACD, generating tons of chart with projections into the future etc. He claims to have invented a fool proof method of beating the whole world. When he breaks wind, a chart forms from the german gas. As he looks at the skies, he sees patterns in the cloud, and remarks to anyone listening, 'A breakout is going to happen'.

2. The Wannabe Warren Buffett Investor- This investor has all of Warren Buffett's books lying around the house. When he goes to toilet, he can read Warren Buffett, when he is gardening in the lawn, a Warren Buffet quotation like "My favorite holding period for stocks is forever" is outside pinned across the house windows on a banner. He apes Berkshire Hathaway portfolio and is a value investor all the way.

1. Warren Buffet- The investor extraordinaire is in a league of one, a six-sigma event that happens probably once in a century? An average of 21% returns from 1960s till today. If you had invested 10,000 in 1965 and never put in a single dime afterwards, you will be worth $38 million today.

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ChampDog said...
March 16, 2008 at 12:11 PM  

If invest based on your own "guts", which types of investors is this?

Lemizeraq said...
March 18, 2008 at 12:01 AM  

A gutsy investor? :) Well, the list was never meant to be exhaustive. Anyway, I'd bet that most people invest it that way, through their guts or instinct.

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