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Clinton and Obama- President and Vice-President of USA

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The Democratic nominee for the Presential Election later this year will be decided over the next two primaries. Obama has been running well as the leading Democratic candidate and Clinton has been pushed from the status of being the hot favourite.

As the nomination winds to a close, the Democratic party needs to heal open wounds which threatens to split the party apart and lessen their high chance of a candidate becoming the next president. While my choice would have been Hillary, it seems that her chances hinge on getting a big majority in both the Ohio and Texas vote on March 4th.

I have a feeling that she will sustain and win the votes necessary for a victory. After that, it is time for wounds to heal and the best way is to offer Obama the role of running mate and ultimately the post of Vice-President. Hillary has always been after a better health care plan for Americans and as President she should have a higher chance of pushing it through with one of the most charismatic leader to emerge from recent times- Barack Obama. She should offer him her fullest support for the next presidential elections 4 years later if he should accept the post of running mate.

This will allow Obama the chance to watch, learn, do and garner the necessary experience to fight and win the following two elections after Clinton and change United States. Clinton has real passion in the health care plan even when she was first lady and her plan is the best hope of revamping and making sure that American has a health program in place which will take care of the baby boomers when they hit senior citizen status in a few years time and not unduely strain the economy. All the other plans looked half-baked.

However, if Clinton loses the nomination. I hope Obama offers her the role of his running mate and let her run the health care plan changes. She has been thinking about this and fighting to get it passed since 1993. That is a good 15 years. The mantra for Change loses to the dedication, passion and experience to push and think about policies for the benefit of the ordinary people.

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