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Who Does The Economy Like Better?- Democrat Or Republican?


The advertisements for the next election campaigns are in full swing as this ad for Hillary Clinton shows. Hillary Clinton's election platform is very strong on the healthcare issue, something close to the hearts of people all over the world. This is a typical Democratic party approach, which wants strong government with higher taxes and a belief that the government should be in control of most aspects of the economy.

The Republican way is different. Their front runner is the ex-mayor of New York, Mr Rudolph Giuliani, who presided over the 911 efforts. The way a republican work is they want low taxes and minimal government interference in the economy. You can find videos on Mr Giuliani to see if what he is suggesting is your cup of tea.

My views are more aligned to that of the Republican as I believe in the free market and lower taxes after my studies in economics. However, after 2 stints of the same republican president, I am not sure if America and the world is ready for another one. The serving president achievement while in office leaves one to ponder over what is really his legacy. Is it the fall of Iraq or the mire that he has brought on by the huge mess that is Iraq now? Both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are incomplete and a drain on the American economy. The war against terrorists has been an abysmal failure. I think not since Nixon has a serving president left office in such a state.

Thus, even though the economy would like a republican president as they are likely to cut taxes and not interfere too much into the economy, I think it is time for a democratic candidate to rise up. One reason is also that the two front running democratic candidates are on one hand, a woman and on the other representing the minority in American, an African American- Barack Obama. His website and views can be seen here. For the first time in US history, there could be a woman president or a black president. Both would be good for America and the world as they seek to heal the rift with the rest of the world after the excesses of a president who in his tenure caused more bloopers and divisions in the world than to close those divisions.

The power of the internet is evident in this election campaign for president. All candidates who are serious contenders have a site to push their ideas and show their mettle. In a sense, it is back to the days of communicating ideas to the public and not so much a stage show as the internet is a medium where bloggers and surfers can comment and respond to these candidates.

It promises to be one campaign which will hopefully do much to restore the confidence of the world in American leadership and to repair any frayed diplomatic ties caused by the current adminstration "either with us or you're the enemy" approach.

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