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Sunday's Lame Humour


There was once a doctor at a mental institution who grew concerned when one of his patient kept going out into the manicured gardens of the institute each day and he will just kneel down and squat there for the whole day holding a black umbrella.

Puzzled by his action and unable to get an answer from either the patient or the other doctors who were equally confused to why the patient was acting in such a manner, the dedicated doctor decided that if he is to know the reason for the patient acting in such a way, he will need to do something drastic.

So the following morning at 8am, black umbrella in hand, he decided to squat down and follow what the patient was doing each day. After what seemed like an interminable wait for the whole morning trying to figure out what the patient was seeing or doing, he decided to ask the patient what he was doing. The doctor thought that he had establish some form of rapport, but the patient was not very forthcoming and maintained his silence.

Finally after squating for the whole day and with aching legs, the doctor could not stand it any more and he decided to go for dinner as it was already 8pm and he tried again to establish some contact with the patient.

"Can I ask what were we doing all this time squating here?" The doctor asked.

After a short silence, the patient turned around slowly, smiled at the doctor and said, "Are you a newly grown mushroom?" :)

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