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Good blogs and websites on finance

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I was surfing online yesterday and I managed to stumble onto three sites which I think was good. The first is a site which has reasearch on materials done on finance matters. These research articles and commentaries are well written and interesting. So I forsee myself spending some time reading all the interesting articles that they have online. Some of the ones with interesting articles are the '7 Deadly Sins of Investors' , 'The Twenty Best Financial Blogs' and 'The Efficient Executioner of Excellence'.

The title of the site which links to all these articles and many more other interesting looking links is a rather long title, 'Using The Internet To Keep Up To Date With The Latest Journal Articles And Working Papers In Finance'. If you ignore the rather off putting name of the site, you will find a treasure trove of information and articles to improve your understanding of all things financial. I think I would spend some time to look through the sites so I can improve my own knowledge. If you are a finance student or an educator in the financial field it would be a must linked site. Similarly for the serious investor.

Another site that I found interesting and good to read is by a Singaporean who is very experienced in financial and insurance matters having being the head honcho of NTUC income for 30 years. The guy is Tan Kin Lian and this is his blog. There is a wide range of questions that interested people have asked him and his replies are succinct and to the point. So this is another site that people can gain a lot of financial knowledge and views from. Even if you are not from Singapore, some of the financial instruments mentioned in his blog are useful because it is available worldwide. I read his article reproduced by a local chinese daily that is issued free every morning and stumbled onto his blog this way.

The last site that I will mention in my post is the one by Wall Street Journal which is the subject of takeover talks. I was mildly interested by this takeover so I went to look for information about them and saw a great finance website that they have done up. It has many sections like for personal finance which will be good for investors trying to learn more and I read their report on one family's journey into the subprime trap. It provides a sobbering perspective into the subprime issue where even ordinary Americans earning a relatively good income are hit by this subprime issue. The nice thing about their article is that they also provide a link to blogs which talks about the article too so you can read what other bloggers think about the issue and the article. Something for our local Straits Times to learn? :)

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