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Sunday's Lame Humour


There was a delivery van outside a mental hospital which had a flat tyre. As the delivery man was changing his flat, a mental patient came out of the hospital to watch what he was doing. The delivery man was a little bit nervous that someone was watching him change tyres, so much so that as he was unscrewing the bolts, he accidentally hit the box holding the other 6 bolts that he had unscrewed into a deep drain near his van.

"Oh shit!" the man muttered.

"What happened?" the patient asked.

"Well, the bolts from my tyres fell inside the drain and I have to get it out"

After 10 frustrating minutes of trying to get the bolts out without success, he delivery man was about to give up and call a car mechanic workshop for help.

"You could actually get 2 bolts from each of the other 3 tyres to replace the 6 bolts that you have lost, then you don't have to waste money getting the help of a car mechanic", the patient told the delivery man.

"Oh, that is very smart of you, but why are you warded in the mental hospital then?" the delivery man said, somewhat ungratefully.

"Well, I am warded in the mental hospital for my mental illness, not for stupidity" :)

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